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    "The Massage"

    This true and detailed sexual story details an encounter that offers one of the most successful strategies for getting her seduced, turned on, and fucked by another man.


    "The Movie Night"

    An incredibly erotic story that recounts how a simple evening at home on the couch with a friend worked perfectly for having her seduced, and fucked for the very first time. A HOT read!


    "The Blindfold"

    This true story details how a real wife was seduced for the first time by a mystery man while her husband watched nearby. The catch? She was unaware that it was not her husband at first.


    Other chapters include information about how to talk to your wife about sharing, how to learn what would work for her, and how to start the process of arranging her first real seduction. What sets this book apart is that all of the stories are true. The real world advice for husbands who fantasize about sharing their wives comes from the author who has lived it, and has been successful at turning his own wife in a true, bi-sexual hot wife.

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    Wife Share - Jonathan Atchison

Why are husbands so aroused about the idea of watching their own wife being seduced and shared?

Author Jonathan Atchison felt the same way, then finally did something about it. After careful planning, he arranged his own wife's first hot seduction with another man, and went on to help dozens of other husbands successfully do the same with their wives.

Wife Share is the erotic book revealing the real stories of how ordinary wives were seduced, and melted to the touch of another man while their husbands watched or listened...

Your wife can too!

Read it today to find out how!

"Exquisite sexual detail made me feel like I was actually there. I simply couldn't put it down!"

– Jason Fincher, FL


"The Movie Night turned me on, and had me so wet and bothered that I told my husband we HAVE try it!"

– Dawn Melody, NC


"I want more!!! Very sexy!"

– Brian Heckman

Wife Share - Jonathan Atchison

Vividly erotic stories about seducing and sharing her with another man for her first time.

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